Alloy Toe vs Steel Toe Which One Is The Best?

Choosing the right pair of work shoes has been a hot topic in the safety industry for a long time now. We will try to settle the alloy toe vs steel toe debate for you in this review. Each type of safety shoe has its advantages and disadvantages. We have collected these and all other [...]

Do Dr Martens Run Big ? Your Best Fit Guide

Do Dr Martens boots and shoes run big?  The short answer is yes but It can depend on the version of boot or shoe you need. Not all of the styles run bigger. Dr. Martens, AKA Doc Martens, boots are very common in the UK but they aren’t your typical footwear. Shoe designers had the [...]

Wolverine Boots Size Chart Your Guide For The Right Size

If you've ever thought of getting footwear from Wolverine, then you must be familiar with their infamous motto: strong soles for sturdy shoulders. you have to undertand Wolverine Boots Size Chart The masters of right boots for the job across the globe have been in existence for the past 137 years and are dedicated to [...]

How to Restore Leather Boots The Best Way

Leather boots look great when they are new, but old boots break down with long or rough wear. You may be wondering how to restore leather boots — or if they are unsalvageable once the dirt, salt, and moisture get to them.There is good news: you can restore leather boots at home, and it doesn’t [...]

Boot Lace Length : The Ultimate Guide

Boot Lace Length : Your Guide For It Have you ever gone to lace up a boot, and they are just a tad too short? Which left you with a small knot rather than a proper tie? Or, have you ever laced up your boots and found the laces were way too long, causing you [...]

What is a Steel Shank in a Boot , And What Is It For ?

What is a steel shank in a boot, and what are the benefits of this piece? Steel shanks are small, one-inch pieces inserted into boots. The shanks support the weight placed between the insole and the shoe's outsole to support each foot. The steel shank fits between the heel and ball of your foot, under [...]

What is Chromexcel Leather?And What Is It For

So what is Chromexcel leather? In short, it’s a special type of leather made only in Chicago. This leather is carefully constructed over a relatively long period. While smooth and pleasing to the eye, it can rub off on clothing. That said, it is a preferred material for boat shoes, wallets, and more. Even leather [...]

How to Break in Boots The Best Way

Boots are some of the most comfortable footwear you can own, but that comfort can come at a price. When you buy a new pair of boots, you need to expect to break them in. Rarely can you wear boots straight away without some kind of discomfort. Many of us wonder how to break in [...]

How Should Boots Fit? Boot Size Chart and Full Fit Guide

Trying on boots in-store usually means working with a floor model that has a toe-cap, making it hard to know if the fit works for you until you get a pair to take home. Alternatively, buying boots online is a total toss-up, and you never know what you’ll get. Plus, it takes so much time [...]

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